15 Minute Challenge – Basic Google Search

You have 15 minutes to write a single test case to perform a Google search for the term “Apple” and confirm the top result is related to the Apple Computer Company. Develop the test case based on the requirements below.

1) Come up with the results on your own. No collaboration or using someone else’s answer.
2) You cannot derive results from AI or any search engine.
3) Please use the honor system to complete this challenge in 15 minutes or less.

Requirement ID: REQ-BGS001
Title: Verify Apple Computer Company as Top Result in Google Search
Description: This requirement ensures that when “Apple” is searched on Google, the Apple Computer Company is listed as the top search result.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. Search Execution: The search for “Apple” must be conducted using the Google search engine located at https://www.google.com/ on a standard web browser.
  2. Expected Result: The top search result should be related to the Apple Computer Company.
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